The wave of life


After a journey of many ups and downs, life will come to a certain point were we have to decide to go left or right. At that point of time, life will not give us an opportunity to stay idle in the same place. Past experiences and present facts may wander in mind. But never allow them to be a part of your future life. Many experiences might have completely compressed you. Those might have completely transformed you. Those are the lessons that you learn from life. They should never be the reasons for anything. People suffer, face the hardest of the hardest situations, but, getting over it is the actual strength of a person. Never allow a particular incident to decide your whole life. Have full faith in god and hope that miracles you wish, will happen. Flow along with the wave of life, enjoy the little breeze, love passionately, dream hopefully, work genuinely and live life as you wish. You never know, how and when your dreams will come true !!!!!!!!